Holding Yourself Accountable to Your Goals

It's easy to set goals for yourself. Following through with them is a bit harder; this is why gyms that are packed with people in early January are half-empty by early March. As it turns out, it's much easier to say you want to lose 50 pounds than to actually do it. Having a goal [...]

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Can Introverts be Successful in Business Coaching?

The world of business is commonly seen as belonging in the domain of naturally gregarious and outgoing people. Indeed, personality tests like the Miggs-Bryer typologies commonly list "entrepreneur" and "business coach" as ideal matches for extroverted people. Your own experience might confirm these suspicions, and it wouldn't be that surprising; business coaches commonly deal with, [...]

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Why Working for Yourself Beats Working for Others

Many inspirational speakers make it the cornerstone of their speeches, but you'll find plenty of people on the internet who extol the values of working for yourself. This can take one of two forms: starting a business and doing freelance work. Both types of work offer the kind of independence that you'll never receive working [...]

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10 Ways to Lead by Example

Whether you’re a business owner or a budding entrepreneur, you’ll find yourself in various leadership positions as time goes on. It’s important to communicate effectively with your partners and employees while instilling a culture of empowerment. The best way you can achieve this, is to lead by example. Your employees and yourself will face challenges [...]

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A Guide to Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership You've probably heard the term thrown around in the business industry, but what exactly is thought leadership? Thought leadership is a strategy for building up a reputable brand by sharing your industry expertise. In other words, you're marketing your knowledge so you'll be the first in mind when your customers are looking for [...]

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