So you’ve caught the attention of a potential lead. How do you reel them in?

Dazzling them with your personality, of course.

Many business owners believe they’ll increase their email open rate by sending out masses of emails. Quantity encourages persuasion, right? Well, that’s where a lot of people get it wrong. The time you put into the customization of your email holds the power of converting a prospect into a loyal customer. In our blog today, our ActionCOACH team shares how to increase the email open rate with your leads.


Adding details about your lead increases the relevance of the conversation, allowing them to feel more confident about what you have to offer. A personalized email shows your prospect they’re worth your time, communicating value.

Adapting Your Tone

Not only is it important to customize your message, but you should also pay attention to the tone of your email. If conducting a B2B transaction, a casual message may not resonate with a corporate executive. Adjusting the level of formality in your email allows you to better attract your ideal customer.

Keeping it Authentic

Before you send the email to your lead, read it aloud. Does it mirror your communication style? Being authentic in your message gives you the opportunity to showcase the human side of your business. So when you’re writing an email, ask yourself, “Could I use this for multiple prospects?” If so, don’t push send just yet. It may take a few extra minutes to customize, but it’ll increase email open rates and set partnerships off on the right foot.