Whether you’re a business owner or a budding entrepreneur, you’ll find yourself in various leadership positions as time goes on. It’s important to communicate effectively with your partners and employees while instilling a culture of empowerment. The best way you can achieve this, is to lead by example.

Your employees and yourself will face challenges and obstacles. To keep your business running smoothly, it’s important to provide motivation. To learn how you can harness this practice, check out what Brad Sugars and our ActionCOACH team had to say.

1. Show up, in every way possible.

Exemplify the characteristics you expect from your employees. By demonstrating them yourself, you’re fostering an environment of good habits. Their work ethic is heavily influenced by your own.

2. Embody your brand.

What are the core values of your business? Do they align with your personal brand? Another way to lead by example is by sharing in your company’s vision and delivering promises as expected.

3. Dress the part.

Think how you would like your office to be perceived. The clothes you choose to wear reflect the formality you expect of your employees. Be conscious of how you carry yourself and make sure it matches your business appropriately.

4. Share in the victory.

As a business owner, make sure to accredit those around you. Your success will most often stem for a collaborated effort. Sharing in the spotlight and lifting those around you is a great way to lead by example. Not to mention, helps boost company morale.

5. Practice a listening ear.

This may sound elementary, but our ActionCOACH team cannot stress enough the importance of being a good listener. Being distracted by your phone or something else is a quick way to lose the respect of your employees. Make eye contact and ask questions, it’s the first step in gaining trust.

6. Encourage forward-thinking.

If you’re aiming to lead by example, it’s important to instill-forward thinking in your employees. Let them know what’s on the horizon as far as operations go, allowing them to feel in-line with the company’s foundation and the direction it’s headed.

7. Leverage examples.

It’s one thing to study success — and another to study from one’s failures. Bring up both when providing examples to your team. Not only does this make you more human, but instills credibility in overcoming your obstacles.

8. Feed into inspiration.

Every time you encounter an employee, take the opportunity to feed their inspiration. Be supportive and empowering in your messaging. Not only is this a great way to connect but could spark a unique idea for them.

9. Be consistent.

It’s difficult, next to impossible, building a relationship with someone you can’t count on. What is the vision you’re aiming to promote in your business? As a leader, you need to be consistent. We recommend constructing a public persona based on optimism and results.

10. When in doubt, ask questions.

What resonates with one employee, may come off negatively to another. Take some extra time in getting to know each individual on your team. Each person will have different motivations and workplace behaviors.

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