3 Ways to Succeed At Digital Marketing

3 Ways to Succeed At Digital Marketing

How important is digital marketing for businesses today? To answer that, we need to think about how marketing has evolved over the years. We think about how most people make their purchasing decision. In many cases, man y people will do their research online, then purchase in store. However, most of the purchasing decision is made online before they even talk to a salesperson.  It is crucial for any business to be successful with their digital marketing is they are looking to grow their business.  Here are 3 ways you can succeed at digital marketing.

1. Website

The first aspect of digital marketing that you need to focus on is your website. Many people often think they need experts for improving the SEO of their website.  SEO comes down to how much useful content on your website. If and your website has plenty of information about something available with multiple forms of content, then people will stay on your site longer. The longer people stay on your site then the better search results for your website will be in engines such as Google. You can think of your website like a billboard: each form of content is a way for a person to find out about your business. The more content you have available, then that is more ways to drive traffic to your site. Since we know what content our consumers are searching for, then we simply need to create articles, blogs, videos and other forms of content relating to exactly what they would typically search for.

2. Social Media

The second part of digital marketing includes social media. The job of social marketing is to be able to start conversations. The rate that you can start a conversation rate from social media is more important than likes or comments.  I want to have conversations so I can follow up and build relationships, and lead to more opportunities.  Next you want people sharing information about your business. It isn’t what you say about your brand, it is what others say about it. You want people leaving their feedback about your products and services. Additionally having people share your content is a great way to increase your exposure.

3. Advertising

Finally, the last part of digital marketing that will help your business succeed is advertising. The main goal between all platforms you want to capture the consumers attention in the first few seconds within your advertisements. Many advertisements fail to make it to the point where they deliver their initial message before they are skipped or ignored.  Many people will skip your advertisement if the first 5 seconds doesn’t capture their attention. You want to be able to show your brand and capture their attention to keep them watching the rest of the ad. Furthermore, since advertising is always changing you should consider hiring an expert to help you. Advertising changes so frequently that unless you are constantly studying the latest trends and strategies, it can be difficult to find the correct algorithm. This will give you more time to focus on other aspects of marketing that you would

By implementing these 3 changes to your digital marketing strategy, you will notice that your business will succeed with helping consumers make their purchasing decisions around your products and services. If you would like to learn more marketing strategies on how to multiply the sales within your business, learn more about the 30X Life Challenge here.

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