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4 Ways To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

 Have you ever felt like you didn’t actually deserve your achievements in your career and life? Have you ever felt like you couldn’t achieve more? […]

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 Have you ever felt like you didn’t actually deserve your achievements in your career and life? Have you ever felt like you couldn’t achieve more? Imposter syndrome is that feeling of self-doubt that stops people from feeling like they earned their success. The funny thing is the moment people gave imposter syndrome a name, the more people started to claim that it was occurring for them in their own lives. It became this reality for a majority of people all around the world. What we need to realize is that Imposter syndrome is real, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are 4 ways we can overcome imposter syndrome.

1. Write Down Your Goals

Why does imposter syndrome happen? It happens because we aren’t focused on the factors of success. We need to be focused on the things that generate success in both our heads and hearts. The first we need to do that is to have a clear set of goals documented. It is important that you handwrite your goals rather than typing and keep them organized in a journal where you can easily access them. These documented goals must be further ahead than where you currently are. Your goals should be daily tasks that you are already doing but something you have grow towards to achieve. If there is no growth, then imposter syndrome can be sneaking in.

2. Learn New Things

The second method toward getting rid of imposter syndrome is to always be learning. Every day is opportunity to learn something new. If we are always learning something new, then wee are always improving and growing. In order to eventually achieve the goals we had just written down, we need to grow. Make it a goal for yourself to read and complete books and seek out opportunities to improve your knowledge.

3. Build A Bigger Identity

You need to train your brain to be bigger than where you currently are at. By doing this you will realize that you deserve more. The businesspeople I meet have an identity future pace and they’re making over 100 grand a year. They need to be giving themselves affirmations about being a quarter of a million-dollar earner a year. If I am earning a quarter of a million, then I Need to have affirmations about being a half a million earner. Sabotage is a form of imposter syndrome, making yourself believe that you don’t deserve this stuff. If you want to build a muscle, then you must train the muscle. The same applies to your heart, brain, identity, soul, and your future.

4. Be Around The Right People

 Lastly, we need to make sure we are around the right people. We need to be around people who believe in us as much as we believe in ourselves. This can mean working with a coach to hold us accountable each day and make sure we are challenging ourselves. If you want to be better at business, go to networking events and surrounded yourself with likeminded individuals who are looking to grow. If you are looking to be around people who are dedicated to learning and growing in all areas of their lives, I suggest you check out some of my events where you can be around individuals who are focused on growth.

What will you do differently to make sure you turn your Imposter Syndrome into Success Syndrome? Keep learning apply these 4 methods into your lifestyle to overcome imposter syndrome or the potential of it possibly showing up in the future. Surround yourself with people that will help you grow into the person that you ultimately want to be and build that identity for yourself. If you want to learn more about building a successful life for yourself, learn more about my 30X Life Challenge.