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5 Ways To Build A Better Network

When working towards their goals, many people focus solely on internal factors that will benefit them. However, It is equally as important to focus on […]

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When working towards their goals, many people focus solely on internal factors that will benefit them. However, It is equally as important to focus on associating yourself with the external factors to success as well. Building a positive environment and having people who will uplift you during your journey are  a part of these external factors.. In order to achieve your dreams, you need to be around people who are going to help you grow. Here are 5 ways to build a better network of people that will help you grow.

1. Attend Different Events

Find different events that will allow you to meet people. Going to specific events that you are interested in will help you meet people with similar interests. Don’t be afraid to put yourself in different environments to meet people If you are actively looking for new relationships, you will start to attract the right people. If it is too inconvenient for you to go places, you can get around people online as well. There are plenty of virtual events that you can attend and still meet like-minded individuals. If you want to meet more leaders like yourself who are looking to improve at business, wealth and life, be sure to check out my virtual events that I am hosting this year.

2. Get a Mentor

If you want to meet the right people, then you will need to get a mentor. AS coach or Mentor will get you around people who will help you grow. If you want to learn more about business, then find a business coach. A mastermind group is another organization that you can join that will put you around people. The people in this group are high-performers that you can grow alongside and improve your skills.

3. Put Yourself In a Leadership Position

Volunteer to be the leader of a specific group rather than waiting around to find one. You can set up for a leadership anywhere such as at work for a project or even to coach your child’s sports team. This will put yourself in a position where you must step up and strengthen your leaderships skills. When you are a leader, you potent. People will also see you in a different light simply because you are in a leadership position. Not only will it change the way other people, but it will change the way you see yourself.

4. Invest Time in Yourself

If you have knowledge around a certain subject, people will want to meet with you. What you know is important to get you around the right people and keep them around you. If you are more knowledgeable, people will be more inclined to meet and speak with you. Not only will having the right knowledge get you around the right people, but it will also keep those people around. Additionally when you are positively looking to improve yourself, you will start to attract positive people in your life as well.

5. Start a Podcast

If you want to build a better network with interesting people, then you should try starting a podcast. A podcast is a simple way to conversate with successful individuals and build relationships with them. Additionally, podcasting is a great way to work on your personal brand and lead to more opportunities in the future. Podcasting is very simple to start, and you don’t necessarily need expensive hardware. Not only will you have the chance to speak to interesting people, but also potentially build a connection from your audience as well.

By implementing these 5 methods, you will notice that you are finding yourself more able to build a better network of people that will benefit your growth. If you want tot learn more tips for success, learn more about my 30X Life Program here.