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5 Ways To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The greatest things in life require a little bit of risk to achieve. However, many people tend to stick to their daily routine. Following your […]

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The greatest things in life require a little bit of risk to achieve. However, many people tend to stick to their daily routine. Following your daily routine everyday can make things much easier since we know what to expect, however it is necessary benefiting us to follow the same routine all the time. When you are in your comfort zone, it is difficult to grow and change into the person you need to be. Here are 5 ways that you can get out of your comfort zone.

1. Become Comfortable With Discomfort

You need to be constantly looking for new ways to challenge yourself. We can do this by setting goal do the things that make us the most uncomfortable. By being around something more often, we can slowly find ourselves becoming more comfortable in those scenarios. If you find that public speaking brings yourself anxiety, you should continue practicing it whenever the opportunity arises. You will start to realize that you slowly becoming less nervous as you had more opportunities to practice.

2. Change Your Mindset

We often tend to overthink the things that we fear the most. Whenever you overthink a situation, you tend to cause more unnecessary stress on your mental and spend more time outside of the present. By spending too much out of present is idle time wasted that could be used to benefit ourselves. Changing to a growth mindset is understanding that we must overcome our fear to improve. Take a moment and realize that your current fear is only an obstacle you need to overcome to get to the next stage in life.

3. Change The People You Are Around

Start being around different people who will put you in different situations. If you tend to be around more risk takers, you will allow them to push and motivate you to step more outside of your comfort zone. Also being around people long enough allows you to pick up on their behaviors and slowly start emulating them. Additionally, finding a mentor to be around can help you with coming more out of your comfort zone. Having a dedicated mentor will have someone who can push you past your limits and hold you more accountable.

4. Learn From Failure

One of the biggest reasons why it is difficult to come out of our comfort zones is the fear of failure. Many people are afraid of the possibility of failing. However, it is important to realize that you can never improve at one thing if you never try. It is crucial to accept that if failure does happen to come to not beat yourself about it. Don’t get discouraged and stop yourself from getting back up and trying again. Take time to reflect on what went wrong and what you could do better so that your next approach will be more strategic.

5. Change Up Your Routine

If you want to see different results, you need to put in different actions. Make small changes to your daily routine to make yourself break the monotony of your routine.  Your changes could be as simple as going to a different place or doing what you have to at a different time. If you are making too many big changes quickly, you can easily start to overwhelm yourself. You will start to see new experiences once you make changes to your daily routine.

Taking the initiative to step out of your comfort zone can be difficult but utilizing these 5 ways can help make the process much easier over time. If you want to learn more ways to build better habits that will set your life up for success, learn more about my 30X Life Program.