Brad … what do I learn in your 30X Business program???

For the last few weeks (which feels like an entire year) and through this craziness, I’ve been talking about my new 30X Business program … and I have had hundreds of people message me asking what exactly is in 30X … Well, here is everything we go over when you purchase my 30 years experience in just …

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Training on How you Survive the Economic Crisis.

Over the last month, I’ve been hosting webinars, offering strategies to business owners that would give them the tools they would need to first, survive this economic crisis, and then pivot and plan to be able to thrive in the future. Going over 10 steps during an hour-long webinar was a good start to get the message …

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What your business looked like two weeks ago has suddenly changed, sometimes hour by hour. After helping thousands of businesses in the last 30 years, this is uncharted territory even for me. Today, it is critical to change, pivot, remodel your business structure … from sales and marketing to leadership communication to repurposing people within your business.  …

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Economic Pandemic WEBINAR Recap. Start Planning NOW

With each passing hour of uncertainty, we keep receiving new information about travel bans, large gatherings shut down and other areas that can cause a disarming amount of fear.  WATCH MY WEBINAR HERE Now is not the time to panic, which will only get in the way of what you need to be doing. While it’s completely …

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Yes, There is an Economic Pandemic. No, You Shouldn’t Panic.

The stock markets are falling, oil prices are plummeting, people are getting quarantined … unless you are selling toilet paper or sanitizer, your business will need to make some changes, and make them now if you want to survive … But, this isn’t just about the survival of your business (although it could be) it’s about being …

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Drive Time – 2020 is different than what you prepared for…

Whatever you thought 2020 was going to look like … it’s not that anymore … For any entrepreneur or business owner, it is important to separate and distinguish between the worry and the panic. Have a listen during this episode of Drive Time – WATCH HERE And … to be better prepared, register for my webinar tomorrow:…/5905…


Why Working for Yourself Beats Working for Others

It’s a statistic that cannot be ignored – according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, over 100 million people start a new venture each year. That’s a staggering number; it equates to three new businesses every second! But why is entrepreneurship such a popular path? It’s because working for yourself offers a level of freedom and flexibility rarely found in traditional employment.

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Holding Yourself Accountable to Your Goals

It’s easy to set goals for yourself. Following through with them is a bit harder; this is why gyms that are packed with people in early January are half-empty by early March. As it turns out, it’s much easier to say you want to lose 50 pounds than to actually do it. Having a goal is incredibly …

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