Share Your Vision … Build Better Teamwork

Does your team know what you really want to your business to be? Do you have a common goal everyone in the company is working towards? Do they have an understanding of what it really takes to keep your business running day-to-day? Chances are, they don’t, but I would offer that sharing that vision, knowledge and information …

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Business Leverage

Business Leverage: Unlocking Business Success Through Time Management

In the dynamic world of business, success often hinges on the art of mastering time. Business leverage involves the strategic use of time management to propel a company toward unparalleled heights of efficiency and productivity. It’s not merely about working harder but working smarter, making every minute count, and harnessing the precious resource of time to gain greater leverage in the marketplace.

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My Entrepreneurial Credo

A credo is a statement of belief that comes from the Latin term for “I Believe.” Many creative artists guide their work and their principles by developing and being guided by their artistic credos – and no pun intended – I believe the process is as equally necessary and powerful for the practicing and would-be entrepreneur. In …

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Let’s get small and local… how you can use this movement.

I’m really excited for so many business owners to get back into the game. And that excitement is coming with a lot of challenges. You’re reopening … almost like opening your business for the first time. Business owners have to move and they have to move quickly. My big push right now is for everyone to go …

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Re-Think, Re-Invent, Re-Open

From a business side, in the last 10 weeks the pandemic has taken us rapidly through the stages of: As businesses around the world beginning to open up, make sure that you are ready to RACE … and yet, opening up your business will take more planning than shutting down. It’ll be very similar as to when …

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Recruiting, Time & Sales Opportunities

Does business coaching really work? Come see for yourself as I coach Jenna Vadasz from the UK LIVE and help her grow her accounting business while looking at recruiting, time and sales opportunities … REAL business coaching with REAL business owners getting REAL results.

REAL business coaching with REAL business owners.

This is what business coaching looks like … another brilliant online 30X coaching session. Watch as I coach Trish Benedik from Ohio LIVE and help her grow her franchise consultant business with sound structured strategies, highlighting strengths and understanding the psychology of the consumer.

A Commercial Profitable Enterprise That Works Without You

What does that really mean? Now more than ever it’s vital to learn how to build a business that can grow and profit with or without you as the owner having to do the work … these are the 6 steps to building a great business …

LIVE 30X Coaching with Clients

Does business coaching really work? Come see for yourself as I coach Fausto Rosales from Mexico LIVE and help him grow his veterinarian medical and retail business with 4 very powerful strategies …

Brad … what do I learn in your 30X Business program???

For the last few weeks (which feels like an entire year) and through this craziness, I’ve been talking about my new 30X Business program … and I have had hundreds of people message me asking what exactly is in 30X … Well, here is everything we go over when you purchase my 30 years experience in just …

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