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How To Develop New Relationships That Will Help You Grow

You cannot change the people around you, but you can CHANGE the people around you. It’s almost impossible to change other people; It’s difficult changing […]

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You cannot change the people around you, but you can CHANGE the people around you. It’s almost impossible to change other people; It’s difficult changing different aspects of ourselves enough. However, it is important that we surround ourselves with people that will help us grow into the person we ultimately want to be. You can’t be around the same people in life and expect different results. Here are 5 steps you can do to help you see change in your life and develop new relationships that will help you grow.

1) Attend Different Events

One way to develop new relationships that will help you grow is start attending different events to meet new people. Some types of events you can attend are charity events, tournaments, seminars, other education courses. These events will allow you to meet new people that will be more beneficial to your growth. They will most likely share common goals and interests with you.  Additionally, these people will be who meet you today and see the person that you are presenting yourself as today. Often, we mistake loyalty in our lengthy friendships to be the most valuable. Those people don’t truly know the person you are today. They are stuck in the past and are fixated on their perception of you when they first met you years ago. You are a different person than you were years ago, therefore you should meet people who are able to recognize the person that you developed to be.

2) Always Continue Learning

Any form of learning that you partake in, especially reading books, will help cultivate the skills needed to grow into the leader you want to be. When you are actively looking to gain new knowledge, you are looking to improve yourself. There are plenty of resources that you can learn from such as podcasts, books, webinars, coaching sessions and more. You should find out which resources that you personally learn best from. Be open to trying new sources as a way to potentially see a different perspective on what you are learning.

3) Take On More Leadership Opportunities

Another way to develop new relationships that will help you grow is taking on more leadership opportunities. Many people often shy away from leadership positions, but they don’t realize that they are permitting opportunities to grow. Whether it is in their personal life or work life, people often reject any obligation or tasks that require them to step up because they don’t want to deal with the extra responsibility.  However, if you are looking to grow, you should take on leadership tasks more often to strengthen your leadership skills. We must realize that we need to grow into our goals, so developing these leadership qualities will better help us on our journey. The best way to achieve these qualities are through experience; you must be actively putting yourself in growth scenarios that challenge your abilities. A key tip to remember is that if you are too comfortable in life, then you are NOT growing.

4) Invest Time in Yourself

In addition to learning, you should also start investing more time into yourself. You can do this through methods such as meditating, exercising, prayer, etc. These forms of self-improvement start the growth process for you by physically helping you get ready to move forward with what you want to do. Even simple investments such as taking a few minutes in the morning to self-reflect or having a chiropractic massage can help prepare you for growth. This step should not be overlooked as there is always a positive outcome from self-improvement.

5) Get A Coach or Mentor

Another way to develop new relationships that will help you grow is getting a coach or mentor. Whether it is personal growth or learning a new skill, mentors and coaches can have a large impact on your development. We often reach a plateau with what we learn when we are learning by ourselves. Having someone who has more knowledge than us can provide us the guidance we need to reach a breakthrough and enhance our knowledge, When athletes are looking to improve at the sport they play, they always have a coach to help them improve. This ideology should be no different when we apply it to our personal lives, business, or wealth. The difference between a mentor and coach is that a mentor is someone you can constantly refer to for advice and a coach is a more formalized relationship. Join Brad’s mentoring program if you want learn how to become successful in life.

You can’t change the people around you, but you can change yourself and the people you associate with. When you start your growth period, it takes time, energy, and effort but it will help you grow into the person that you dream to be. Click here where you can learn more about changing the people around you and growing into the person you want to be.