Driveway Time – So your mental approach is like this …

Driveway Time – So your mental approach is like this …

The main difference I’m seeing with business owners today regarding if they’re doing well or struggling is their mental approach. By the way, you’re doing well through this thing if you kept all of your staff, paid your bills and keep the lights on. You don’t have to be setting records right now. If you’re keeping your head above water right now, you’re doing incredibly well.

Let’s look at 4 Aspects to Your Mental Attitude:

1. What are you talking about most and focusing on daily? Are you putting people on “snooze” who keep posting crazy things?

2. How are you leading your team? Lead your team straight out of denial into problem solving.

3. What are you doing physically to stimulate your body and feed you brain? It’s not “Netflix ‘n Chill,” it’s “Netflix ‘n Get Depressed.”

4. What rituals you have built to stay positive? Exercise, meditation, music…whatever works to get you in a positive state.

Shift your mindset to see that this is the biggest opportunity you’ve ever had for your business.

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