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Upcoming Events

Whether you’re an experienced business owner looking to expand an existing operation or a new entrepreneur seeking guidance on how to get started, these events are designed to give you actionable steps backed by powerful, proven strategies to reach your goals.

ENTREPRENEURS                  with Brad Sugars

Virtual Event

- August 23rd & 24th, 2023,     from 7am - 2pm PST.

During this 2-day event, you'll learn how to flip companies for real cash and serious capital gains.

PURPOSE                                     with Brad Sugars

Virtual Event

- March 29th & 30th, 2023,          from 7am - 2pm PST. 

During this 2-day event, you'll discover how to develop a mindset critical to achieving your goals and dreams, and will learn the proven strategies for systematic growth.

SCALABILITY                                  with Brad Sugars

Virtual Event

- May 10th & 11th, 2023,                 from 7am - 2pm PST.

You will walk away with 300 actionable strategies using Brad's 25 x 4 x 3 formula to transform your business into an unyielding profit machine that will scale faster and easier than ever before.

LANDLORD                                    with Brad Sugars

Virtual Event

- October 11th, 2023,                from 7am - 2pm PST

New dates ... coming soon!


7 Days and 4 Events

- ENTREPRENEURS                         - PURPOSE
- SCALABILITY                                  - LANDLORD                  

Learn how you can build the life, the wealth and the businesses to make sure all your life dreams and goals become a reality ... having the time and the money to curate an amazing lifestyle is what Brad Sugars' Entrepreneur University is all about ...

DIGITAL MARKETING                
MasterClass with Brad Sugars

Virtual Event

New dates ... coming soon!

Learn how to: 

- turn your social media into leads

- start real conversations with real prospects

- and create sales from your marketing ...

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