How To Get Better Results In Sales

How To Get Better Results In Sales

Whether you are the CEO of the company, owner of the business or at the front desk, everyone is always in sales. In every sales scenario someone makes the sale. Either you are selling them on the fact that you can or cannot help them. If you go to see a prospect and the prospect does not buy, then you were just sold to. If you accept the fact or the “sale” that you can’t help them, then the customer outsold you. Here are 4 tips on how to get better results in sales.

1) Do Your Research

If you don’t know more about your company and your prospects than your customer does, then you have plenty of studying to do. If your customer knows more about your competitors than you, then you can’t outsell your competitors. It is very important to be an expert in all aspects that have to do with your product or service that you are selling.  Additionally, it is equally important to be an expert in all things to do with your top competitors. Without knowing who your competitors are and what they are offering, you may find it difficult to persuade your prospect why purchasing from your business is the better alternative.

2) Know Your Prospects

If you don’t know enough about your prospects, then you haven’t done your homework. If you find yourself asking them multiple questions about themselves, then you simply do not know enough to properly sell them. When prospecting you should be on social media learning about your prospect better than you should. If you are selling to a company, you should look up their company website and learn more about them before making the call. You should never cold call a prospect because it decreases your chances of making the sale. Knowing your prospects is vital in marketing. Read more about how to create a strong marketing strategy.

3) Ask Your Prospects the Right Questions

Third thing to keep in mind is that people hate to be sold things, but they love to buy. Keeping that saying in mind, you should be using more questions if you want to outsell. If you aren’t asking a bunch of questions and leading your prospect. You want to ask questions and lead the prospect so the prospect basically sells the product or service to themselves. Tailor your sales presentation focusing on the needs of the customer and how your product would best benefit them.

4) Closing the Sale Correctly

Lastly, as a salesperson one thing you must always do is close the sale. One of the most ridiculous questions in sales is asking the customer “Would you like to buy?” Instead of asking that you should ask a detailed question to close out the sale. It is recommended that you instead use an assumptive close as it shows more confidence in yourself as a seller and the product you are trying to get them to purchase. An example of the assumptive close would be asking “How many would you like to buy today?” or “When would you like it delivered?”. It is important to be assertive yet not aggressive with using this close as you still want to prospect to be comfortable and keep the rapport that you have built. Read my book “Instant Sales” now and scale your business today!

In order to achieve great results in sales you need to have professionalism. Many average salespeople don’t find success often because they are looking to get quick sales with minimal effort. Not only does a good salesperson require being a good communicator but also a great deal of research done in advance in order to ensure that they are prepared. Watch the video down below and learn how to become a better salesperson by accessing 30X Business.

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