How to Hire The Right Employees

How to Hire The Right Employees

Many business owners know that it can be very difficult finding the right hire for their organization. It is already difficult in general, so it makes total sense being that we are in a pandemic and there are plenty of people who are going through recent job changes. Here are 6 tips on how to hire the right employees.

1) Treat the Hiring Process like Marketing

In order to find the best employees to work for your company, you need to be treating the process as if it is similar to a “marketing blitz”. The process is much more than just posting an advertisement online and waiting for submissions. You need to consider all the different ways to share the message that you are hiring. Consider using multiple sites to increase awareness and referrals from existing employees. Make sure your posts are constantly refreshed and updated often as those posts will get the most traction. Learn more about this in my 30X Business program where you get my 30 years of business experience in just 30 minutes a day for 30 days.

2) Virtual Recruiting

Virtual interviews became increasingly the norm during the pandemic, and it is one method that will continue to stay.  You should be running your interviews both virtual and in-person. Many businesses offer virtual interviews because of the numerous benefits, and it is important to keep your interview process modern as well. Having more virtual interviews will not only make the process more simplified but also help the process go by much more seamlessly.

3) Create a Demand for Your Company

One of the biggest reasons why it may be difficult to find new employees I that many other businesses are searching for employees as well. How are you going to get your employee excited about working for your business compared to other competitors? You need to try to “market” your company toward people who would be interested in your company.  During the interview, you have to “sell” them on why you are the ideal company to work for compared to your potential competitors. The first part of your introduction should be about the vision or mission of your company. This is a great way to not only sell them on getting a job, but the benefits of working for you specifically.

4) Do More Training

During these times of high employment, you may find yourself having to hire people who you wouldn’t normally expect to hire. The reality of a high employment market is that you should expect to have to do more training. With enough quality training and leadership, you are able to build strong employees that would be a perfect fit to your team. Be sure to check-in with new employees more regularly during their first few weeks to make sure they are achieving the desired progress. Learn more about recruiting here.

5) Creating a New System

You need to consider creating a system that means that existing employees would be able to increase their productivity. Can your new hire work under a senior employee helping with basic tasks while the senior employee is able to do the advanced work? Look for upgrades in the technology that can improve your systems so that one person would be able to accomplish more work.   You should be looking for changes that would best result in productivity increases around the business.

6) Start Getting Proactive

Finding employees in the future is not a task that will get easier overtime. Start getting more proactive today and taking more action to find more employees. Join groups on LinkedIn and Facebook and start building the profile of your company in your industry. That way when you are looking to hire in the future, there are already many people who know about your company and would be interested working for it.

We know it’s tougher in the market to find new talent for the workplace, but there are multiple strategies you can implement including these six tips. The hiring process is changing before our eyes, so we have to be willing to adapt and try new methodologies for finding new employees. Learn more by clicking the link to Brad’s drive time on strategies for finding new employees.

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