I’ve Leveled Up My Brand… Take a Look…

I’ve Leveled Up My Brand… Take a Look…

As a fellow business owner, I’m sure you know exactly what it’s like to put your own company’s needs and initiatives on the back burner. I’ll admit, I’m dang guilty of it too.

For the past decade or more, my main focus has been helping people successfully grow their business. I’m passionate about helping others launch and scale, and one of the top priorities for any new venture is to start getting leads and making sales.

To be perfectly blunt, that’s the life-blood of a business. Without new and loyal customers, we simply can’t maintain success. However, when you’ve been accomplishing that growth consistently, it’s important to shift your focus toward your brand.

Great branding is a huge contributor to the long-term success of a business. It communicates your value, provides direction for the company, and helps set clear expectations with your potential customers. That’s why I decided it was time to make a change and level-up my brand to better represent the entrepreneurship and the business strategies I love teaching.

In order to execute a seamless rebrand, I partnered with some incredible thought leaders and creatives to guide me through the process. Now, I can confidently say the new look and feel accurately portrays the values of the brand, myself and the up-and-comers who took my advice for guidance.

I’ll be rolling out the new look in the coming months, and I thought you’d appreciate a sneak peek into the changes. 

Take a look below at the evolution of the Brad Sugars brand. 

My new logo

The hyper-modern design of the new logo reinforces the innovative techniques I provide people with. 

How my logo evolved

I strive to always be on the forefront of change and never default to the same old techniques others follow — this new logo represents my trend-setting philosophy.

It was also born from the work I do with ambitious and hard-working people who change the status quo.

Color and design systems

 The new brand follows a motivational approach and it favors bold action-takers.

I’m committed to motivating entrepreneurs and business owners to grow, learn, and achieve financial success — and I wanted a brand that
showcased that.

You’ll see the changes on all of my social media channels, you can follow here:

Look forward to sharing more with you over the next few weeks.

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