Learning Creates Your Dreams and Goals

Learning Creates Your Dreams and Goals

The way we grow into our dreams and goals is through learning.  Learning enables us to put our dreams and goals into action and makes them achievable. There are 5 steps to the process of learning that we need to take into consideration when looking to create goals and dreams from our learnings. Learning creates your dreams and goals.

1) Prepare Your Learning In Advance

The learning process starts with timing, and it is vital regarding the process of studying. How far ahead do you need to learn something? You need to be learning stuff at least a year prior to needing it. Why that far in advance?  To properly use the newly obtained knowledge, you need to create a plan. When you properly plan to do something, it doesn’t happen the day after you plan it. You need to be planning at least months in advance. If you have a goal to achieve something within a year or two, you need to be studying that now. Now, if you want financial freedom, you’ve got to study it today if you want it in 10 or 20 years. If we wait too long until we need the information, then it is usually too late.

2) Understand How Much You Need To Study

Second factor when using learning to achieve your goals is knowing how much material you need to study. To answer this question, we must look at it from a simple perspective: Are you going to do it yourself or are you going to employ people to do it? If you’re going to do it yourself, then you need to study it to a level of mastery. You need to study it to a level where you are proficient at it. The other perspective to consider is if you are planning to employ someone else to perform that skill. If you are hiring someone else, then you should understand enough to determine whether that person is good enough. If you are planning to hire someone to do marketing, you should study enough about marketing to be able to ask them enough good questions.

3) Find the Best Method for Learning

Learning creates your dreams and goals and determining the best way for you to learn new knowledge is important. We want to be using the methods that work best for us. The faster you learn, the faster you get results. Having mentors and coaches are great because they personalize the teaching. However, it will be much more expensive than other methods. Books are obviously the cheapest because they are the lowest level of learning. So, you know, you’ve got to think of it right through. Not only do you have to find what methodology best suits your speed of learning but also one that works best with your budget. As you improve and start to earn more, you will be able to invest more into your learning.

4) Achieve A Balance Between Ability and Mind

Now, the fourth thing we need to understand about learning is that there is learning to increase our skillset and there’s learning to alter our mindset. Some things we learn will teach us how to get better at doing a task correctly such as sales techniques that would help us become a better salesperson. Additionally, we need to be learning material that would put us in the mindset of being a better salesperson as well. This learning would be helping us getting to believe in yourself for sales, believing in the ability to achieve stuff and looking at it from that specific perspective. We ultimately need to have a balance of the two learning aspects from improving our skillset and thought process.

5) Learning and Growing Will Be Uncomfortable

Finally, the fifth thing is understanding that both learning, and growth will be uncomfortable. When we are learning something new, we are changing and expanding our comfort zone. So, we shouldn’t expect things to be easy or happen perfectly the first time. We need to keep trying and applying what we learn. If you gave up after every failure, then we wouldn’t be able to grow.

The more you grow, the more your dreams and goals become a reality.  If we keep these 5 simple steps in mind when learning and studying, then the process of reaching our goals and dreams will come smoothly.

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