Let’s get small and local… how you can use this movement.

Let’s get small and local… how you can use this movement.

I’m really excited for so many business owners to get back into the game. And that excitement is coming with a lot of challenges. You’re reopening … almost like opening your business for the first time. Business owners have to move and they have to move quickly.

My big push right now is for everyone to go local … and that people understand that small business is the backbone to the economy. How do we take advantage of the small nature of businesses?

Let’s look at 4 areas:

  • Plan to be fully open. We must understand it’s just not about opening the doors again … it’s about team building, reengaging with customers and vendors, following government procedures in the workspace.
  • Make this exciting. Do a ribbon cutting on that first day back. Build excitement across all audiences (employees, clients, customer, vendors) is a huge part of getting your business to a new and exciting place.
  • Keep a lot of the great things you during the last few months. Don’t thrown everything out and go straight back to what you used to do. I have no doubt you found new efficiencies, better systems and great pivoting ideas. There were a lot of changes that work for you. KEEP DOING THEM.
  • Most importantly, go easy on yourself during this transition. It’s a whole new world and you’re doing things you probably have never done before. It’s all different … sales, marketing, technology, customer service, compliance. It’s a lot to take on all at once, so be kind to yourself as you navigate all of these areas.

Q2 was the down quarter. Q3 is all about the comeback quarter. I’ve learned a lot of lessons during this time … and there will be more in the future for sure. Let’s keep planning BIG, let’s continue to build excitement and let’s support our local businesses.

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