My Entrepreneurial Credo

My Entrepreneurial Credo

A credo is a statement of belief that comes from the Latin term for “I Believe.”

Many creative artists guide their work and their principles by developing and being guided by their artistic credos – and no pun intended – I believe the process is as equally necessary and powerful for the practicing and would-be entrepreneur.

In some ways, I would argue it is even more necessary for a good entrepreneur to develop his or her credo. Why?

Because in business, massive success is all about identification and differentiation, both in terms of your opportunities, your vision for your company and your actual company in the marketplace.

It’s also important to define your beliefs and the things you value to serve as your own “guiding principles” … because if you don’t, others (friends, associates, the marketplace, life itself) will do it for you – and being powerless in defining something you should be in charge of is not a great place to be.

My own credo is fairly simple, but one that has proven to be both powerful and flexible for me in my 30 years of business experience. Use it as a guide or a template, but the real value in a credo is the act and process of developing your own.

By taking ownership of your own values and defining for yourself what is important to you, you are setting up a belief system that will guide you through the rough waters of entrepreneurship – which I guarantee you will encounter.

So, here’s my Entrepreneurial Credo …

Start yours with the phrase, “This I believe …”

  • Be Organized. Organized minds are clear, and clear minds take action towards clear objectives, so get as organized as possible in your life and business affairs. Start with your desk and work area. Then your plans and actions. Schedule a written plan of your activities and objective and stick with it the entire day. Do this the night before and you’re ahead of 90% of the rest of the population – including your competitors.
  • Be Dedicated. Do at least one thing every day that you should have done, but have been putting off. In life, as the great Jim Rohn has said, there are two types of pain – the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Each moment you can decide which you’d rather experience. Successful people know that the pain of discipline is the price of their success. Start making it the price of yours.
  • Be Confident. Feel as good as possible and achieve a sense of well-being by just being quiet and contemplative for 15 minutes every day. Also, find a way to exercise at least 15 minutes every day. Both will boost positive feelings about yourself, which translates into a confidence that is attractive for others – including new customers and clients.
  • Be Appreciative. Tell your family, friends and business associates how much you appreciate them. Be generous with your praise and your compliments – and find more things people in your world are doing right, than doing wrong.
  • Be Optimistic. Leave past failures in the past, and focus positively on your future. If you are a “glass half empty” person, start seeing the glass as being half-full. Life – and business – is more enjoyable that way.
  • Get Educated. Read something that improves your mind every day. Keep yourself away from non-productive people, activity and news. Become a master and an expert in your industry, and more business will flow to you over time simply on the basis of your credibility.
  • Be Thrifty. Never pay full price, consume less and never pay more tax than absolutely necessary. Don’t be in business simply for tax reasons, however. But always recognize that the more resources you pay out to the treasury is less you will have to put back into your business.
  • Be Sociable. Be charming and agreeable. Never speak badly of anyone.
  • Be Alert. Open yourself to new ideas, experiences and people who can teach you something new. Stay out of ruts and routines.
  • Be Dependable. Meet all of your business, social and moral obligations punctually, honestly and honorably.
  • Be Decisive. Make a decision right now.
  • Be Human. Remember to experience the journey as well as the results.
  • Be Tough. Demand only the highest and best standards of everyone you surround yourself with … especially yourself.
  • Give and You Shall Receive …

Your credo will serve as guiding principles that will steer you towards success. Look forward to seeing what yours will be.

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