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Brad Sugars Review

Typing in the name “Brad sugars” will bring up a wide variety of different articles and links that connect to every facet of this famous entrepreneur’s life. Born in Brisbane, Australia, Bradley J. Sugars is the well-known founder of ActionCOACH, a consulting business whose guiding purpose is to provide mentorship and training to aspiring business owners. In addition to establishing one of the world’s biggest business consulting agencies, he has also authored several self-help and business books through McGraw Publishing over the past two decades.

Born in 1971 to a middle-class family, Brad Sugars showed an eye for entrepreneurship at a young age. When his friends were saving up their money for concerts and movies, he bought tickets to a Jim Rohn seminar. This formative experience shaped his approach to business ownership as he matured into an adult. Brad Sugars has hardly gone a day of his life where he didn’t have a business in something. Even in college he was running several small side businesses to make ends meet.

Once he entered the corporate world, Brad Sugars met with a considerable degree of success in turning around failing and struggling companies. He soon became known as “The Turnaround Kid”, and other business leaders soon approached him for advice on how to achieve their own form of success. Sugars’ blunt and straightforward feedback contrasted with the feel-good approach that other consultants and motivational speakers often employed, and a lot of business owners respected his willingness to tell a person what they needed to hear rather than what they wanted to hear.

ActionCOACH was born from Sugars’ desire to physically implement his strategies for success rather than merely talk about them. Utilizing his experience in the corporate world, he created ActionCOACH as a way of directly translating his expertise and knowledge into tangible results. ActionCOACH quickly outgrew what he could provide alone, and so he began to hire other business leaders who were interested in passing on their knowledge and wisdom to the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs. As of 2017, ActionCOACH is now present in over 65 countries all around the world.

Today, Brad Sugars is one of the best-known names in business coaching. His innovative approach to mentorship sets him apart from the crowded field of business consultants, and it now serves as the model for other businesses attempting to recreate the success of ActionCOACH. People at every step of business ownership can utilize Sugars’ advice, whether they buy one of his well-received books or hire their very own ActionCOACH.

If you aren’t yet at the point where you want to hire an ActionCOACH, many of Brad Sugars’ books can be bought fairly inexpensively. Titles such as “Billionaire in Training” and “Instant Cashflow” have been proven to be especially popular, and the amount of positive customer testimony on these titles demonstrates how helpful they can be in getting you started.

Thank you for the conference in Melbourne it was my first with ActionCoach. Your ideas on abundance and inclusion for all businesses in our area, give me the clear vision of what kind of business coach I want to be. Generating a strong climate of growth and innovation through encouragement, teaching, excellent communication using the tools available through the dash board at ActionCoach. I will be present in our business community always looking to challenge the thinking of owners to be better and more relevant at what they do.

-Michelle Lilley, Australia 

I loved your article in Entrepreneur magazine. Showing start up businesses how to partner with an established business.

-LoraLee Harmon, United States