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30X Business


Starting and growing a business isn't "formulaic" - meaning, there isn't a one-size-fits-all recipe that instantly leads to boat loads of money and everlasting entrepreneurial success. Every business is different. Every market is different. Every product is different. So the decisions you make need to be different, too.

You can see why most training programs are doomed to fail. They tout the "latest marketing secret" or the "newest, easiest way to start a business online." They're dealing in tactics.

30X is a program that deals in principles.

Business principles last forever. They don't change with the birth and death of industries, and they never cease to play a role in how businesses grow. 

30X is a 30-day stream of hard-won business principles that I have personally developed over the past 30 years as an entrepreneur, investor, and business advisor. The 30 videos in this program represent the most potent entrepreneurial advice I can possibly give.

You’ll learn how to not just survive, but how you can truly thrive in this crazy time ...

Oh, and with of all the uncertainty right now, we got rid of the original pricing and it’s yours for just $99 ...